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Jumaat, Mac 05, 2010

Love dies because of Ego

'Sometimes love is for a moment, sometimes love is for a lifetime. Sometimes a moment is a lifetime.'Once upon a time there was an island,where all the feelings lived.One day there was a storm in the seaand the island was about to get drowned.Every feeling was scared but Lovemade a boatto escape .Every feeling boarded the boat..Only 1 feeling was left.Love got down to see who it was..It was EGO.Love tried and tried but ego wasn't moving also.the water was rising..Every one asked love to leave him and come in the boat, but love wasmade to love.At last all the feelings escape and Love dies with ego on the island..Love Dies because of EGO!So, Kill Ego And Save Love.....One Message to our friends:- 'Argument wins the situations but loses the person. So when argue with your loved ones, remember that situations is never more important than your loved ones.....
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