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Selasa, September 14, 2010

TM Point is too busy playing facebook to serve customer & being extremely rude

Dear all SBM & Head Of TMpoint,

Am again sharing the latest complaint received – based on the customer experience at our TMpoint, this complaint was sent to all the important bodies within the Government and to add ‘pain’ the complainant also enclosed photos to further strengthen the issues.

We are in the midst of investigating (will not ‘jump into conclusion’ yet) BUT importantly I am sharing with all of you, as I always believed ‘ if it may happened to others, chances of happening in your own TMpoint are there. Extremely, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY DO THE NECESSAY to tidy up your State & TMpoint from the similar virus and let’s hope no more similar cases being reported about us ( TMpoint )

Do monitor from time to time……………….. If you are interested to know which State & TMpoint – buzz me personally.

Share this with all your subordinates in your daily Pep Talk, PLEASE so that they are fully aware, when it comes to customer dissatisfaction, they can go to this level in officiating the complaint.


Dear ALL,Despite of the two complaints below (please refer to the mails below if TM is ever concerned about customer satisfaction), I continue to encounter EXTREMELY poor service in TM ………………I was at the ………….(TMpoint) AGAIN at 1.29pm on 25/8/2010 (Wed) as I did not receive my monthly statements in the last two months. The front desk customer service personnel, ..................(CSR) was being rude and NOT willing to assist as she was too busy playing facebook. She was so engrossed with her facebook that she did not realize that I snapped her photo while she was playing it. She was subsequently stunt when I took the photo of her face. The photos are enclosed for your evidence. As you can see, there are other customers waiting for her to serve.The matter was brought up to the Team Leader Puan……………(TL) I cannot believe a national icon GLC like TM with strategic KPIs set by the government could tolerate such service level. In addition, despite of writing to some the key personnel listed in TM annual report, no one take us seriously!!!!!! I hope our beloved Prime Minister is able to get the RIGHT PEOPLE to behave in an ACCOUNTABLE manner before the RAKYAT lost faith totally..... He has make many progressive changes, unfortunately it is disappointing to see that such basic service is still a challenge.Customer Centricity Perspective KPI "Committed to spend at least 5% of revenue per annum for improvement in quality of customer experience" *Quoted from TM KPI report for 2010-2012 I assumed that the 5% of the revenue is provided for staff to be multitasking by playing facebook and attending to customer at the same time.By the way, I am not just a RAKYAT Malaysia who paid tax but I am also a responsible TM customer who is trying to pay my streamyx bill despite of not receiving my monthly statement.I am not here to break anyone's rice bowl but the company should diligently assign the right people as front-liners as it is extremely disturbed to see that a company can BE RUDE to a customer who is trying to pay the bill.

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